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The Secret Biography of "C-KRIT”

Born in San Francisco, California, United States of America at 21:57pm September 22, 1989. His real name is Tyler Stephen Gorr. Tyler began teaching him self how to produce, market, songwriter, sing, DJ on January 01, 2008. Tyler has been practicing and developing his talent and truly showing his hard work through his social media presence. The guy is also known for producing some of the most uniquely, well-orchestrated tracks with productions of modern genres that he has uploaded on Soundcloud, his favorite platform to upload his music.

The producer uses Logic Pro exceptionally well, Ableton amateur and is Pro-Tools amateur. Tyler established his own record label called, 'ckritmusic, LLC’ at the end of summer, and has plans for raising awareness of his presence in the EDM music scene. He says, “…I like to keep most of my favorite productions to myself…” he said with confidence.

Tyler Stephen Gorr, proudly says he's related to Ulysses S. Grant. Tyler knows he was born an ambitious dreamer, but raised as a logical businessman. He was into exercising all types of activities as a child. There were no boundaries. Tyler has the drive of a world leader, and the creative mind power along with the worlds greatest minds.

Tyler is an extraordinary artist. He has been involved in arts such as drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing, and various forms of engineering. Hitting mile stone after mile stone. He has not only taught himself how to accept knowledge from others, but he also taught himself music theory, the piano, the human voice, and how to use the newest hardware and digital software in today's music industry to create his expressions through his musically artistic creatively orchestrated vibrations.


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I have contributed the production and overall actions to raise awareness of my presence. I've been helped by Troy Spoon, my family, and all my friends. [C-KRIT SOCIAL MEDIA]: NSTGRM: TWTTR: ÜTUBE: SNDCLD:

Produced by ckritmusic, LLC. Vocalists included are shanewrek and ckritmusic. [C-KRIT SOCIAL MEDIA]: NSTGRM: TWTTR: ÜTUBE: SNDCLD:

Produced, written and published by ckritmusic, LLC. Your attention and support is greatly appreciated. [C-KRIT SOCIAL MEDIA]: NSTGRM: TWTTR: ÜTUBE: SNDCLD:

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