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About this Song

We're making Conrank's latest face melter available for SKIO producers to flip!
Can't wait to hear your remixes.

Circus Records MGMT

Posted 6 months ago
Owned by Circus Records

Stems (5)

DIT_BASS performed by Conrank on Bass
DIT_FX performed by Conrank on FX
DIT_Kick - Snare performed by Conrank on Drums
DIT_SYNTH performed by Conrank on Synth
DIT_VOX performed by Conrank on Lead Vocals

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Aponi 5 months ago

I am in, good luck everyone =)

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Vaedynn 5 months ago

Good luck everyone! There are some heaters out there... Definitely some stiff competition!

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-(Negative) Nate 5 months ago

When I found out I was getting the chance to remix one of my favorite songs of the year my jaw dropped.


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