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About this Song

We're making Conrank's latest face melter available for SKIO producers to flip!
Can't wait to hear your remixes.

Circus Records MGMT

Posted 11 months ago
Owned by Circus Records

Stems (5)

DIT_BASS performed by Conrank on Bass
DIT_FX performed by Conrank on FX
DIT_Kick - Snare performed by Conrank on Drums
DIT_SYNTH performed by Conrank on Synth
DIT_VOX performed by Conrank on Lead Vocals

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Aponi 10 months ago

I am in, good luck everyone =)

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Vaedynn 10 months ago

Good luck everyone! There are some heaters out there... Definitely some stiff competition!

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-(Negative) Nate 10 months ago

When I found out I was getting the chance to remix one of my favorite songs of the year my jaw dropped.


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