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we all must have heard about the new music singer the "show me" love crooner chrizzy august who's real name is gift augustine a portharcourt born and raised boy whos currently waved into lagos base. chrizzy is a well know sharp boy who always takes music serious always in studio 2,4,7 we all know he could fall ill for not being instudio even for a week thats to show the passion he has for music, chrizzy august is a kind, caring,humble, serious and sweet personalty who inspires people with his good music and also want to make money and be famous those are his aspirations in life which is so lovely about him and very enticing.
chrizzy august is a school drop out, he has been in various higher institutions universities and polytechnics just because his family did not approve of his musical carrier rather wanted him to be an engineer, chemical engineering precisely, but the love he has for music wont let him be in the school enviroment. chrizzy has been in madonna university then to uniben and also light house polytechnic he wouldn't finish up even a section completely, he battled with his mum severaly on this. but look what turns our, there is a quote: saying that says "you can force the horse to the river but you cant force it to drink water. that was chrizzy august situation. listen to theis amazing song and i bet you are gonna be a lot more inspired you can follow chizzy august on facebook twitter instagram @chrizzy_august.

Posted 10 months ago
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Chrizzy August _ Show Me Love _Pro. by Mr.Kbeatz drumsound performed by chrizzy august on Drums

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chrizzy august 10 months ago

amazing track


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