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Verse 1:
We had it all
I could count on you
Suddenly things have changed
Now your'e not my boo
I was being played
Played like a child’s game
Fingers pointed at you
You were to blame

People told me
People showed me
But I was in love
People told me
People showed me
Now I must walk out of

You and me me
We had a thing thing
You f****me over
You stole my ring ring
Credit score went down
You loser you clown
You are the worst thing
That’s happened to me

Verse 2:
Let’s fall in love
That’s what we said
Now I must shake
Shake you from my head
I want you out
Out of my life
Before you leave
Let me turn around
So you can pull out the knife

Repeat Climb
Repeat Chorus

Our love is dead
Our love is gone
You hurt me boy
You’ve done me wrong

Repeat Chorus

Posted 6 months ago
Owned by Cloudjumperz



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