Hi I'm Christian Julian Beltran Avila, knowed on the Electronic World as CHRIS.O.D , i was born in Bogota Colombia in 2002. Since i was child i have in love with music, at the age of 8 to 12 i used to listen all kinds of music, from Rap to Rock.​

But i was not until this year 2017, that i started to produce music. I began as a Dj, learning to mix, and that kind of things, but thanks to the Challenge of a friend, i decided to make my first song ,it take me months to learn to produce but finally release my first song, it was called Fate.

Then i discover that by making Electronic music i can show and express my feelings, i mean , i discover that i was able to translate my happiness to a simple melody. So people could feel things throught my music.

And well , thats basically how i began, and now to end, i just want to thanks to everybody who has always support me, to my friends, my family , especially my mom and my sister, and to you, for read this :-) .


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This is a FLP video in which i explain shortly a little bit about my track

This is my first Psytrance track, i used some nordic vocals and panning on the Drop

This is a track i created with my sister, this one is Future Bass

This is my latest track, its Dubstep with some elements from Future Bass and Psytrance

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