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L.A. to Alaska - To the backwoods of Alabama
Go to Asia - To Australia - Then to Europe - Then Africa

Look u just showed up in time - 'Bout 2 spit a stupid rhyme
Just 2 educate your mind - All this knowledge is mine
I don't follow any rules - Nothing like the other 2
I am Sagittarius - I am magnificent
I'll take you to Jesus if that's what you believe in
Or i'll show you Satan although he be hatin'
I'm just be honest - I ain't gonna lie
If you'd open up your mind, then you could see inside
I need me a philosopher - Wanna talk about the world
Talk about the pyramids - What about the aliens
What about the aliens? - How do they play into this
Did you ever notice it? - One eye on the pyramid

Freedom is living - Make sure you are gifting
The others with knowledge of power and culture

Posted 8 months ago
Owned by Chris Strickland



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