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This one sticks fairly close to the original arrangement, but I've reworked the instrumentation to feel more like a Rock anthem.

I've focused the mix heavily on guitars, beefed up the bass, and turned one of the synth lead lines into a bit of a featured guitar riff.

The arrangement has a bit more up-and-down in dynamics, with some pre-choruses and choruses that are more defined than the original.


Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Owl City


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Skye Rocket 2 years ago

those guitars are so cool, aaah <3

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Chris Logsdon 2 years ago

thanks skye <3

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Felipe Pequeno 2 years ago

How awesome! Remained true to the original song and gave a little more aggressiveness, without losing the quality in the mix and master! One of the best tracks I've seen here! Oh, by the way, please help me by listening and voting on my remix! It's a rock / riddim, I think you'll like it :)

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Exit21 Productions 2 years ago

Well done! The instruments, effects, and use of panning pulls you into a space just like the graphic depicts. Love it!


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