Listen Up to all you young ones who are starting out..
STEALING PEOPLES RIFFS is a NO! NO! this doesn't in any way make you a producer!
use your own players or write your own riffs otherwise you didn't do the work and don't deserve the credit!
the industry needs more REAL music and less LOOP PACK idiocy and stealing other peoples Intellectual Property..
this makes you a MUPPET! try to BE REAL! its the only way... this is Art! and if you are one of the idiots who is contributing to this sick state of affairs in the music industry then you are the Enemy of all true artists and creators!


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Written, performed and Produced by Charlie Rhymes co-produced by Shasta the Kid Guitars by Jam Lindsay Mixed by Shaun 'Screenage' Davison Mastered by Beau Thomas (Ten Eight Seven Mastering)

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