Chance McCullough is a producer, composer, and sound engineer from Santa Barbara CA. His early musicianship began with piano and guitar lessons, and as computer software and DAW programs emerged in the late 90s, Chance was at the forefront of the digital recording revolution, experimenting with production techniques using early software-hardware combinations.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts at Saint Mary’s College of California, Chance attended the Audio Technology Program at SAE Institute in Los Angeles, where he had the opportunity to sharpen his engineering, mixing, and production skills. In 2010, Chance began working throughout different studios as a recording engineer, gaining experience recording & mixing for a variety of different genres, including classical, hip-hop, pop, r&b, jazz, reggae, rock, electronic, and music for film & television. Soon after, Chance began receiving recognition for his production, landing music placements with Fuel TV and Pac-12 Network, as well as producing beats for cyphers and hip-hop artists throughout California.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Chance strives to perfect his production and mixing techniques, and continues to produce hip-hop & pop for artists nationwide.


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