The 1st of our kind,  In a class of our own!


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1st-Class is a music group that was formed in 2008, by Elisha (Eee-lie-shaw) So Elite, Najin (Naw-jee), and Cashius Yay. They knew they loved making music so continued to pursue it with all they had. In 2008 Elisha So Elite bought his first microphone and ProTools software and that's where it all began! On the westside of Rapid City. Brookside Drive. Starting out, 1st-Class had the talent but weren't really up to speed on the engineering aspect of the music. But as years progressed, Elisha So Elite And Cashius Yay became a well tuned duo. Always looking to 1-up themselves in the engineering aspect. Elisha took the initiative and enrolled himself into Full Sail University to further his knowledge in music production and share his new gained knowledge with Cashius. The University sent all the equipment needed for them to begin prouction on studio quality projects Continuing to make music and getting better by the day. 1st-Class has been working harder than ever to shed some much needed light on the under-appreciated underground hip-hop community in Rapid City. From mixtapes to shows. South dakota to colorado. The group has managed to get some buzzworthy recognition, not only in Rapid but Denver and Omaha also. It has been a long and challenging journey and it doesn't seem to be slowing them down at all! They have also been expanding their roster adding REG from Lake Andes, SD. REG is a versatile artist who's voice alone makes him stand out, then he adds a game changing flow, and endless hooks. this dude is a problem! Then you got Dat N8V $am, who's brutally honest, politically fueled verses have the potential to kickoff the next revolution. This artist is deep into his culture which sets him apart from most artists. With a unique flow and tight grasp on the history of his culture. $am is a strong up and coming artist you shouldn't be under estimate. Simmie "2 Smoov" Barnes is also a member of the 1st-Class familia. with verses on some of their top tracks like "They Know Remix", "Yaya Remix" and "Grindin Remix". If the Class continues at this pace, theres no limits to what they can accomplish. With Outstanding displays of lyricism and a level authenticity that has long been missing from the game. All they need now is the right marketing campaign. 1st-Class will be making more than just a name for themselves really soon! If you haven't heard, you will soon enough.......


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The 1st of our kind,  In a class of our own!