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“SKIO Music is paving the way for version 2.0 of the music business.”

Jay Sean, Sony
SKIO Pro Artist

“SKIO is a great tool to build new fans around the globe. Gang Signs collected hundreds of new remixes and assets, plus the experience single-handedly bumped up our Soundcloud plays by 20k.”

Eli Wener
Talent Manager, Hoax Management

“SKIO feels like the next big thing in the music industry since Spotify.”

Jael Steinberg
Senior PR Manager, Sony Music Sweden

“SKIO in itself has the ability to be the all-around platform that both artists and labels have been looking for, for about a decade now. Truly exciting times!”

Jimmy Freer
Co-Founder, Audiophile Records

“We connected with artists from around the world in a safe and open space, while SKIO handled all the complicated paperwork, allowing us more time to create.”

Diana Boss
SKIO Rising Artist

“The process of becoming a seller on SKIO was so quick and easy, from uploading the track, sorting out the legalities, getting real-time feedback and receiving great remixes.”

Unkle Ricky
SKIO Rising Artist

“You can remix and get to know bigger artists, while also connecting with their fans. It’s a very interesting way to reach further with your music.”

Cookie Climber
SKIO Rising Artist

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