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well, i tried out a genre that is very hard to me: the future bass.

the part i loved the most while i was making this remix was the drop, 'cause the vocals fits perfectly with the chords and, its so cool. i hope ya'll like this one! i'll be happy to see some positive comments to improve my music...

thanks! (don´t forget to leave a like):)

- lost in sad . . . (:

Posted 2 weeks ago
Owned by Vanda


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Velo James 14 days ago

He lost in sad, goodluck with the remix. If you want detailed feedback please contact me and I will. Gave my like. Would love to hear your feedback on mine: https://skiomusic.com/iamvelojames/vanda-ft-joel-woods-x-av-solo-psycho-velo-james-remix

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Ximm Zarm 14 days ago

Beautiful 💗

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DRECKING. 14 days ago

Good Luck friend !


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