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About this Song

I add the rain effect, the sound of falling water, and the sound of the owls on the intro to further enhance the atmosphere.
Because I use the theme of rain at night.

and for breakdown, I use Pad, Chord, and Lead which I filter.
and I add FX Riser, Uplifter, Sweep up, and build up to be more crowded.

And on Drop only I give a little extra FX so it is not too empty.

..And I'm Sorry for bad mastering :( ..
Hope You Like it. :) <3
#Can_Dra ☺

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Westwood Recordings


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PINEO & LOEB 2 years ago

Just keep doing it and you'll only improve!

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PINEO & LOEB 2 years ago

Beautiful intro and atmosphere, well done!!


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