B-Wright is a Producer/DJ from Los Angeles, California.


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B-Wright is a Producer/DJ from Los Angeles, California.

In 2012, B-Wright began learning how to produce music while simultaneously learning the art of DJing. He was a college student at the time, and spent all of his free time trying to perfect his craft–about five hours a day, to be precise. This eventually led him to DJing house parties for fun.

In addition to a hobby, music has acted as an escape for B-Wright, allowing him to get away from the stresses of everyday life. He mainly produces progressive house, but his mood while producing is what sets the overall tone for his tracks. Luckily for listeners, he’s usually in a happy, positive mood, which translates over into his music.

B-Wright cites his main musical influences as Avicii and Alesso with their upbeat melodies and unique sounds. While today’s EDM scene can be oversaturated with hard-hitting “club bangers,” B-Wright likes to put a different spin on house music, one that focuses on the melodic side of the genre. When he gets an idea for a sound in his head, he’ll immediately put that idea into his production software. While some of these ideas never come to fruition, he’s constantly exploring new sounds and styles, working on one track at a time in order to perfect it.

In the future, B-Wright hopes to tour and DJ around the world and, most importantly, continue to produce music that people can enjoy listening to.


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"My Only Universe" feat. Chris Alanis. Available now on iTunes, Beatport, & Spotify.

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B-Wright is a Producer/DJ from Los Angeles, California.