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Bvndo grew up in Fort Chiswell, Virginia where his love of Rap/Hip Hop first started. His first love of the art form came after he purchased "Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP". He knew from that point forward that the Hip Hop culture was exactly what he wanted to be apart of. He fell in love with the way you could relate your story in life through different schemes, breakdowns, and cadences. He was drawn in by Eminem's way of story telling and the way he could bend words and compile constructive words together to paint a vivid image in his mind as he listened. Bvndo started writing his own rhymes at the age of 13 to various industry beats and reciting them for his friends he hung around, which later turn into the love of freestyle rap. Bando finally decided it was time to record his art form in a studio where he started out on a Xbox Microphone hooked to his computer and recording program music studio 7. Couple months later he ran into a very popular local rapper by the name of Tru Balance & S.I.N.F.U.L. Entertainment where they instantly clicked. Balance seen potential in him and published his first promo disc. To this day Bando is signed to that label and has been on various projects such as "Grand Theft Audio" & the latest mixtape "Delusions of Grandeur". Bando has become a known face in the 540 as one of the best MC's they have to offer. he has done Multiple shows, get's online internet radio play from stations such as "The Playlist" & "Twin Radio" & also host his own sports show for the radio station Twin Radio. Bvndo is not only an artist but is a music producer himself. he has his own studio located in Pulaski, Virginia where he records various artists from the label he works for. Bando is not only a MC but a brand in itself and strives to become the face of the Hip Hop industry one day. So support the grind and the movement because it is official!


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I'm a Artist, Producer, Song Writer and Engineer