The time of growing up and adolescence is the time of dreams and hopes for a better life, for bigger sccesses. They say, the bigger you dream, the harder you fall. However this is not an obstacle for the young aspiring Bastian Kobler, better known under his stage name BASTI, who enjoyed music and sang his heart out even as a little child and with hopes looked into a better future.

The first time he met with electro dance music was at the age of 13, when a friend of his showed him the track of Avicii Dear Boy and from that moment on he was more and more susceptible to the mystery that EDM at the time was. The final turning point for his love for production and so trying it out for himself was when he saw KYGO´s documentary about his rise to success which inspired, encouraged and made Bastian believe that everything is possible if there only is a will, hard work and a wish for success. From that moment on he started to endulge production more and more and at the same time DJ-ing.

He had his first appearance 12.1.2018 on Winter Party held by Stuk where he closed the night. His sets are always full of raw energy and a great atmosphere with music that is curently the hottest on electro dance charts and at the same time, music from the past. With him on stage, the dancefloor is without a doubt going to be full of dancers.


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Ladies and gentlemen, here it is. The wait is finally over because let me introduce to you my brand new original track, So Good. Take a listen and I hope you like it. Much love, BASTI. STREAM HERE https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/bastimusic/so-good

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