Bryan J Kroh A.k.a Bertók is a producer and musician out of Bismarck ,ND who uses his unique style to mix it up with a fusion of electro-soul, funk Bass, and trap house to blend all genres into a sort of harmony. He has experience playing with such musicians as Cofressi, Trufeelz, Emissary Echo, Big Dad, OverKlok, illuminomee, HobZ, Ouno, and Deerskin among others. Bryan is also an Avid brand artist, painter, business owner, promoter, and multi-instrumentalist. He started playing saxophone in middle school at about age 12. Since that time Bryan has also learned to play piano, didgeridoo, juice harp, harmonica, guitar, ukulele, And soon plans to learn drums. Bertok is also endorsed by the Kononykheen Guitar Family and has no plans on slowing down. Bryan has a deep passion for all the arts and always is looking for ways to incorporate other forms of art in with his music.


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