A long-time creator of original music, Brian is a producer and publisher of over 400+ original tracks of all genres, with 7 full-length albums of different genres on Spotify, iTunes, etc. Those albums are only 40% of his full library on SoundCloud. He is also a Composer for Spitfire Studio in LA.

Producing all genres of music primarily for the sheer joy of it, Brian also has tracks placed in various licensing libraries and in use in commercial deployments (commercials, promo videos, soundtracks, websites, etc).

Brian's first keyboard was a General MIDI keyboard by Technics. A KORG fan, he started serious music composition with his first KORG Trinity Plus keyboard, which he later upgraded to a KORG Triton, then KORG Triton Extreme, and most recently, a KORG M3. When Brian moved into the world of DAW software and VSTs, he added Ableton Live to his studio.

Shortly thereafter, Brian added Native Instruments Maschine to his production arsenal, with the KORG M3 + Maschine workflow largely dominating his current preferred composition methods. Many of the songs in his song list are played live and non-sequenced. Brian currently averages 1 new song every 6 days since 2011.

Contact Brian whether you want to license some of this music, or work with Brian to produce something new for your project!


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These are the the latest songs I've composed/produced. My intent is to always freshen it with each new batch of brand new songs. Enjoy!

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