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"Last Hope" (unreleased) by NUABYSS (Brett Patrick Gibson, Song Writer, Producer, and Recording Artist) was started back before the COVID breakout. Verse 1 was all about a relationship falling apart based on my inabilities to give my now ex-girlfriend what she needed in the relationship due to my focus and attention being pulled into my career. As the song progressed, we broke up, COVID happened, and life got lonely.

This song is about an undiagnosed manic depressive artist facing the difficulties of having a social disability while trying his best to do the right thing by him, and by anyone in his life. Verse 3 is a feature by the artist's cousin, Drew Breton (Big BXdy) and the chorus sung by Sarah Kane. The song was mixed and mastered by Ali Munch (New Jersey).

Ever feel stressed so much so that you can't even think or barely breathe? There are people who specialize in these things that you can talk to.

@samhsa national helpline:
800-662-HELP (4357)

Copyright NUABYSS Creative 2020 | All Rights Reserved (BMI).

Please Note: Cover Art is being painted by Brett Patrick Gibson - and should be done by release date (11/3/2020).

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