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Can you smell the Chanel? Cuz I Scorsese'd the F*CK out of this...

Absolutely loved working on this and hope you all can share in my excitement in this release.

Though I enjoyed how hyped the original track is, I felt really compelled to build a space that I felt matched the vibe of Bleu Chanel itself. (Yeah, I went to a store and smelled that shit. DO YO' RESEARCH)

Anyway, I LOVE Promoting Sounds and the styles they choose to curate and ARIA has been absolutely killing it with his releases. Good luck everyone, so excited to see the outcome!

*Still waiting on official master - Will Update when available*

Posted 12 months ago
Owned by ARIA


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Look-ALike 1 year ago

Wow, Really dig your remix! love hearing how people flip the same sort of stems. Give mine a listen, I'd love to get some feed back :P fromhttps://skiomusic.com/r/Ydz


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