Music producer born on January 7, 1988, in Poland.

In 2012, after seven years experimenting with sounds and compete in a couple of remix contests, he made one of them for Bedroom Records09 under his first alias 4ZT3C. This was a first win from remix contests. "Dj Xenon - Fire Feat Karina May (4ZT3C Remix)" was released in September 26, 2012.

Two years after this time he change the way to making his music better. Together with his friend Breaktur decided to making a rhythm based game for Android Platform named "Beat Rocket". Game was released in Google Store by AlienGod in October 31, 2015. Game includes his ten original tracks free to download on Bancamp page - "Beat Rocket Soundtrack".

Year 2017 and his first two releases under alias "Breaktur". One Is a remix "Purecloud5 - Trance Reanimation (Breaktur Remix)" with psy-trance feeling and breaks groove for Wanna Fly Records. "Tech Fly EP" for Deugene Music it's a 5-track mini-album with original tracks.

In 2018 Deugene Music label released two singles "I Can't Sleep"and "Take Me Away". Second of them you can also find on compilation "SUBLIME BREAKS & BEATS, VOL. 14" (LW Recordings) with other great artists like The Brainkiller, DJ Fixx,Yo Speed and Baasbin Twins.

Freaky ideas merged with a broken beats and house/trance vibes - Breaktur.


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Vocal - steelyvibe Rest - Wisniowy88 & Breaktur

Breaktur - Tech Fly EP is the latest release on Deugene Music. 1.Breaktur - Aliens (Original Mix) 2.Breaktur - Bass In Your Face (Original Mix) 3.Breaktur - Final Flash (Original Mix) 4.Breaktur - Makes My Body Alive (Original Mix) 5.Breaktur - Maximal Danceflow (Original Mix)

My DNB remix for Kazy :) Bassline from free TAL-Noisemaker. BTW: Great sounding free VST.

Remix made in FL Studio 20. Freeware VST used in project: - Phutura from PhutureTone - Firebird from Tone2 - TAL-Chorus-LX - dblue Glitch v1.3 - Voxengo SPAN

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