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Braeden "Pockets" Rangno

Vancouver, Canada

Ambient, Blues, Future Bass, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Rock

Mixing Engineer, Producer

This is about getting the emotions and thoughts out of your head and your heart and letting people hear them! I work with people who are passionate about the music they are making, whether its a heartfelt acoustic album, slammin hip hop, shoegaze ambient project or straight up rock record. I have had the pleasure of working on records that have been placed with companies such as Lululemon (Francis Arevalo) and nominated for BreakOut West Awards (Don Alder) I love different recording studios, I've worked in many but some of my favorite records have also been made in bedrooms and kitchens and living rooms, houses and apartments and cabins, warehouses, practice spaces, churches and beaches- anywhere I can drag a bit of equipment into. Amethyst (Sometimes referred as The Vibe Cave) is my studio located near Powell and Commercial Dr, the neighbors over at Rain City Recorders is my main stomping ground for beds and full bands. Check out their website

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