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In this remix I've decide to collide my knowledge of working with samples, while still including my unique sound design. For the beginning of the song i decided to keep slushii's chords with a new melody and some post processing, and the secondary chordsi stretche out to make a chord stab. I layered the vocals in a few places beacause it sounds epic. In the drop I stayed true to Bovum's style of sound design and created a very unique twist on this song. Big thanks to Slushii, Sofia, and SKIO for providing me with this opportunity. May the best artist win!

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Big Beat Records


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Scripted Drama 1 year ago

turn up the volume man! :D

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Bovum 1 year ago

Haha bro i was trying to avoid distortion as much as possibe, just cranked my interface :D

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