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A Remix done with only one day left on this comp. hope to be one of the dope remixes, been running this music production for a long time just thought that entering this comp will open some doors for the fam of Deep People for future remixes and collab. music is what inspired me to stay on it, been doing doing too many things and realized that music is my stress releaver and thats when I took a clear turn that this going to be one of my best times in this world doing music for the masses is what I love and play it too to the people from all around the world, just showcase my talent and skills of becoming a producer and a deejay on the other hand. hope for me future remix collab with this star Elijah Will, got great Technics of doing/making music and thats what I like coz this one was challenging but managed to come with something on the drums and left anything as it is coz this melody is well produced so I couldn't mess this beautiful tune up.

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Halflife Records



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