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SKIO contest winner, SamXDay, organically created this sample pack for producers who want to replicate vintage nostalgia within their projects.

A cross blend of Experimental LoFi and Indie Pop, the pack is built with processed synths, washed-out guitar riffs, dirty kicks, saturated snares, and funky claps, providing creators with a bunch of downtempo one-shots, full loops, and song starters ready to import into their DAWs.

This pack comes with more than 100 royalty-free samples - tagged with BPMs, Keys, and recorded in 44.1khz/24bit just how you like it!

CRUNCH! CRACKLE! POP! by SamXDay(Blood and Soul XXL)

Posted 11 months ago
Profile Picture Owned by Blood & Soul XXL


Samples (104)

DRUMS 57 Drums 49 melodies 16 song starters 16 foley 13 FXs 13 808 10 drums 8 percussion 8 tops 8 guitars 5 fills 4

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