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Welcome back to Rocket Fuel!
This pack is inspired by the classic golden era of Hip Hop, from artists like Jay-z, Nas, J-Dilla, and contemporary rap such as the Migos, Future, and Tyler the Creator.

Contains 108 even more, ripping guitar samples, soulful synths, uplifting piano melodies, booming bass loops, and a wide variety of drum samples/loops to fill your heart's desires.

With styles ranging from Jazz, Soul, EDM, Rock, Orchestral, Blues, and Fun, these sounds are the perfect tools for any producer regardless of their preferred music genre.

"Rocket Fuel Vol 2" by SKIO contest winner, Lil' Rocketman (©2020 Blood and Soul XXL)

Posted 4 months ago
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Samples (108)

drums 43 keys 18 hi hats 17 guitar 17 fxs 14 bass 10 snares 9 impacts 9 synths 8 live drums 8 percussion 7 sub bass 6 808s 6 textures 3 sweeps 2

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