Lauv Remix Contest Winner Announcement

The remixes you produced are on another level and it took Lauv a long time to pick his favourites!

Desirée Dawson Remix Contest Winner Announcement

Our talented community created so many great remixes that Desirée Dawson and her producer Konrad OldMoney had a very hard time picking the winners.

Harlow Harvey Remix Contest Winner Announcement

With 202 remixes submitted this contest took it to another level.

The Funk Hunters Remix Contest Winner Announcement

As big fans ourselves, we were stoked to give you guys the chance to remix the hip hop legend, Chali 2na and beatboxing superstar, Tom Thum in “Word To Spread”, masterfully produced by The Funk Hunters.

Ruben Young Remix Contest Winner Announcement

Let’s just start here: the quality of the submissions for this competition were insane.

SoBE LaSH Remix Contest Winner Announcement

This punk pop princess brought her Texas swagger, making this track’s high quality vocals ideal for remixing. Rising star, SoBE LaSh and her producer, MSKO, killed it on The Loop session. The two gave production tips and feedback to more than 1000 artists who made their way over to watch, improving their chances of winning an official remix on Roologic Records.

The Top 16 Remixes of 2016

The Top 16 Remixes of 2016

2016 proved to be a big year for SKIO as our community grew to over 30,000 members. We hosted 12 remix contests and with each one the number and quality of submissions increased exponentially. On and off the contest platform, our members hit the ball out of the park with tracks we just can’t stop jamming to.