Lyndsey Elm on Evolving as an Artist through Collaboration

Lyndsey Elm is an independent singer/songwriter who wanted to use SKIO to reach a new audience while promoting her brand, growing her following on Spotify and engaging new fans with legal remix opportunities for the songs in her catalogue including her collab with producer Wes White titled: “Safe & Sound.”

ReauBeau on Building a Successful Career as a DJ/Producer

Q: Describe your sound… what are your influences? What genres and artists inspire you the most? Why?

I listen to a lot of different music but I would say: Noisia, Flume, M83, Hans Zimmer / John Williams, Guns N’ Roses, DJ Premier and Dr. Dre are big inspirations.

Harlow Harvey on Building a Brand in Today’s Music Industry

Q: Tell us the story behind what inspired you to write “Feeling Like Myself”.

I’ve always felt like a walking contradiction in all aspects of my life and music.

AIMEC on Everything You Need To Know As A Musician In The Digital Age

If you haven’t already heard of them, the International Academy of Electronic Music aka AIMEC is the largest network of DJ schools in the world, boasting seven venues throughout Brazil.

Rising Artists Reach New Heights

Rising Artists Reach New Heights

SKIO was created by artists for artists, so you can imagine how special it is for us to see our community succeeding and creating real connections with each other, not just on the platform, but also in real life.

Learn How Ruben Young Kicked His Career Off in Less Than Two Years

Ruben Young threw himself into his music career with a creative challenge. The young investment banker

SoBE Lash Talks Songwriting, Tips and Getting Weird

Grimy, edgy and fun, SoBE LaSH first caught our eye at SXSW in 2015. Now, her EP The Pretty Reckless has us reminiscing of running wild and free. Its dance-inducing tracks combined with her sultry vocals and feisty YOLO-inspired lyrics are the perfect recipe for her popular urban punk EP. We’re stoked to have this rad artist host a SKIO Remix Contest for her title track, “The Pretty Reckless” and thought this would be the perfect opportunity for you to get to know her better.From getting weird and kicking rules to the curb to describing the challenges facing independent artists, as usual, SoBe Lash didn’t disappoint.

Switchfoot: A Case for Honesty in Music

Grammy-winning alternative rock band, Switchfoot is known for the raw honesty found in their music, something they’ve strived to deliver since they began playing together in 1996. So you can imagine the passion put behind what is being called one of their most honest albums, yet.

The Mind Behind a Movement

In an industry where distractions and temptations are prevalent, Sa’ra Charismata is an artist who has stayed true to her vision since day one and is dedicated to leaving a meaningful impact on her audience. She creates “modern day protest music in the form of pop music in a way never seen before”. While her music experiments with many genres, her moral compass and the values that she embeds within her music never waivers.

Talent Spotlight: Sylver & Zeus Talk About Branding

In an electronic space that is increasingly crowded and has been criticized for following generic popular trends, Sylver and Zeus contribute a fresh sound that is uniquely their own. Sean (Sylver) and Natalie (Zeus) are a chilled-out electro duo that exemplify the rapidly rising talent bubbling up from the SKIO community.