Lyndsey Elm on Evolving as an Artist through Collaboration

Lyndsey Elm is an independent singer/songwriter who wanted to use SKIO to reach a new audience while promoting her brand, growing her following on Spotify and engaging new fans with legal remix opportunities for the songs in her catalogue including her collab with producer Wes White titled: “Safe & Sound.”

Johnny Gr4ves Collaborates on Original Tune with Remix Contest Winner XFER

Johnny Gr4ves is a rising artist who wanted to use SKIO to reach a new audience while promoting his brand, growing his following and engaging new fans with legal remix opportunities for his song Say Yes.

ReauBeau on Building a Successful Career as a DJ/Producer

Q: Describe your sound… what are your influences? What genres and artists inspire you the most? Why?

I listen to a lot of different music but I would say: Noisia, Flume, M83, Hans Zimmer / John Williams, Guns N’ Roses, DJ Premier and Dr. Dre are big inspirations.

Harlow Harvey on Building a Brand in Today’s Music Industry

Q: Tell us the story behind what inspired you to write “Feeling Like Myself”.

I’ve always felt like a walking contradiction in all aspects of my life and music.

TroyBoi on Collaboration and The Importance of Remixing

A few weeks back, trap king TroyBoi stopped by the SKIO HQ to meet with some Rising producers and share some tips from his own experiences.

ill.Gates shares tips on how to make more music

For episode 05 of Mentor Mondays we wanted to share some tips from one of the greats when it comes to music education!

Stylust Beats on Forgetting The Pressure To Crank Out Bangers

Mentor Mondays episode 04 is here! We sat down with the homie Stylust Beats

Music is Made to Be Shared: Pigeon Hole

Straight from the Sleeveless Records fam, Pigeon Hole is a production duo made up of BC boys, Colin McCue and Lee Napthine. The two have

DJ Vespers on Getting Grounded in Your Own Sound

A few months back we caught up with our friend Vespers, a certified Ableton Live Instructor and the CEO of Warp Academy.

The Funk Hunters: From Remixing to Producing

The Funk Hunters are known for their ability to pay homage to the roots of dance music in their otherwise high energy EDM sets. The DJ duo has been able to pull off brilliant technical displays of creative collaboration between four turntables, as well as, unique live collaborations with musicians such as iconic rapper, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5. In August, we had the chance to sit down with these up and coming DJs to bring you their thoughts on the progression from remixing to producing and the importance of forming a community around your music.

Tips You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Tips You Won't Find Anywhere Else

We built SKIO to give creators a place to connect, collaborate and develop. Through that dream, we’ve pushed forward the idea of artists supporting artists. During the process, we’ve had a chance to meet some of our amazing community and to speak with musicians and industry pro’s that inspire us.