SKIO Artist Profiles Make it Easier To Get Noticed

At SKIO Music we are always hustling to improve our platform based on feedback from our talented and diverse community!

Talent Spotlight: Zelski

You may remember Zelski from the chill House number that won him second place in the Bordo Remix Contest. His tropical twist and powerful

Talent Spotlight: GEA

Talent Spotlight: GEA

GEA started producing at just 13 years old, 12 years later, his love of production continues to encourage him to push his boundaries.

Rising Artists Reach New Heights

Rising Artists Reach New Heights

SKIO was created by artists for artists, so you can imagine how special it is for us to see our community succeeding and creating real connections with each other, not just on the platform, but also in real life.

Talent Spotlight: Mantis DC

UK-based Drum and Bass producer, Mantis DC, spent some time playing in a live D&B band and boasts a hefty background in DJing. Soon to be releasing tracks on 83 Digital

Talent Spotlight: 2Win Beam

We are highlighting the Portuguese duo, 2win Beam today. These two won a remix contest, hosted by SKIO Pro’s Karetus, with a track they created in just three days.

Talent Spotlight: Gasmic

Talent Spotlight: Gasmic

L.A. based producer, Gasmic, won first place in the I.Y.F.F.E contest back in May with a compelling future bass remix of the original track, “Beats on Fire”. Gasmic impressed the judges with a trap-inspired melody that not only got us moving but was very technically impressive. Read on as Gasmic explains why it’s so important to actually complete your track - even when you’re questioning it.

Talent Spotlight: XFER

Talent Spotlight: XFER

All the way from Spain, 16 year-old XFER, won the Johnny Graves Remix Contest back in June with a trap remix the judges couldn’t stop moving to. The slightly downtempo beat with its smooth blend of punchy bass and snappy keyboard melodies was impressive to say the least. Don’t let this guy fool you with his modesty, his production chops are nothing to downplay.

Switchfoot Remix Contest Winner Announcement

When SKIO first partnered with legendary alternative rock band, Switchfoot, to host a remix contest for their song, “Float”, we knew it was going to be one for the books. To sweeten the deal we had SKIO Pro artists Diego Miranda and WAO guest judge the competition. Warm vocals and plenty of unique sounds to play with ensured that even with the challenging ⅞ time signature, this track had very high remix potential.

Talent Spotlight: UTUTUT

Talent Spotlight: UTUTUT

Argentinian Indie-Dance duo, UTUTUT won the Bordo Remix Contest, in August, with a unique funk-infused hip hop track, but it was their humble demeanor and musical insight that really floored us. Read on to learn more about Dana and Pio and their top three tips for aspiring artists.

Painkiller Remix Contest Winners!

Stylust Beats received over 600 entries, making this his most popular contest on the platform. Not only were there a ton of entries but the contest submissions were so high-quality that Sleeveless Records’ A&R team needed reinforcing to pick the final winners!

The Mind Behind a Movement

In an industry where distractions and temptations are prevalent, Sa’ra Charismata is an artist who has stayed true to her vision since day one and is dedicated to leaving a meaningful impact on her audience. She creates “modern day protest music in the form of pop music in a way never seen before”. While her music experiments with many genres, her moral compass and the values that she embeds within her music never waivers.

Featuring a Premier of ‘Chairs (Caleb James Remix) – Danelle’

Caleb Hoskins is a multi-talented music professional creating diverse music under numerous alias, including Caleb James, thru and others. Caleb leveraged a degree in audio production and an initial career in sound design to explore other musical pursuits. He discovered a passion for creating his own sound and has been making big strides as an up and coming electronic producer.

Talent Spotlight: Sylver & Zeus Talk About Branding

In an electronic space that is increasingly crowded and has been criticized for following generic popular trends, Sylver and Zeus contribute a fresh sound that is uniquely their own. Sean (Sylver) and Natalie (Zeus) are a chilled-out electro duo that exemplify the rapidly rising talent bubbling up from the SKIO community.

Burning Man: Inspiring Creativity

Raw creativity, collaboration, mutual respect and meaningful exchanges. These are core to SKIO’s DNA and the fundamental drivers for taking part first-hand in this year’s Burning Man Festival. Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. In this crucible of creativity, all are welcome.