Talent Spotlight: UTUTUT

Talent Spotlight: UTUTUT

Argentinian Indie-Dance duo, UTUTUT won the Bordo Remix Contest, in August, with a unique funk-infused hip hop track, but it was their humble demeanor and musical insight that really floored us. Read on to learn more about Dana and Pio and their top three tips for aspiring artists.

SoBE Lash Talks Songwriting, Tips and Getting Weird

Grimy, edgy and fun, SoBE LaSH first caught our eye at SXSW in 2015. Now, her EP The Pretty Reckless has us reminiscing of running wild and free. Its dance-inducing tracks combined with her sultry vocals and feisty YOLO-inspired lyrics are the perfect recipe for her popular urban punk EP. We’re stoked to have this rad artist host a SKIO Remix Contest for her title track, “The Pretty Reckless” and thought this would be the perfect opportunity for you to get to know her better.From getting weird and kicking rules to the curb to describing the challenges facing independent artists, as usual, SoBe Lash didn’t disappoint.

Switchfoot: A Case for Honesty in Music

Grammy-winning alternative rock band, Switchfoot is known for the raw honesty found in their music, something they’ve strived to deliver since they began playing together in 1996. So you can imagine the passion put behind what is being called one of their most honest albums, yet.

Autograf Gives Advice to Rising Artists at SKIO Music

Friday, November 11th marked the first industry event of its kind at the SKIO HQ in Vancouver, “The Exclusive Autograf Meet and Greet”. At SKIO, we are big believers in collaboration, as seen by our platform, so it was only fitting that the night would be co-hosted by our event partners, RENDRD Magazine. RENDRD brought their energy, passion and drive confirming our excitement to collaborate again in the future.

Painkiller Remix Contest Winners!

Stylust Beats received over 600 entries, making this his most popular contest on the platform. Not only were there a ton of entries but the contest submissions were so high-quality that Sleeveless Records’ A&R team needed reinforcing to pick the final winners!

Remix Stylust Beats & Win!

We’ve teamed up with one of the world’s leading bass music producers Stylust Beats and his collaborators DJANK YUCCA to bring you another great remix contest. This time it’s for: “Painkiller” – a slick West Coast bass track filled with pounding subs, clanging percussion samples and dope vocals. Read on to learn more about the contest and prizes!

Remix Nada Funk & Win!

We’re stoked to announce our next remix contest – this time for a funk-laced house track primed for your remixing ideas. To learn more about the track and prizes read on!

Karetus “Wall of Love” ft. Diogo Piçarra Remix Contest!

With 100+ submissions this contest produced some of the strongest remixes ever. We really enjoyed listening to all of your entries – the quality standard has gone up another level! To hear the winning remixes read on…

Jay Sean Remix Contest Announcement

With 170+ submissions this contest was one of our biggest ever – and our judges had to step up their game just to keep up! SKIO Members – you killed it on this one, and the quality of submissions keeps getting better and better! To hear the winning entries read on…

Remix “Show Out” by Pell & Win!

The “Show Out” remix contest produced 119 submissions from 48 countries, and the entries were some of the highest quality we’ve ever received. Big ups to you, SKIO members, for killing it!