AIMEC on Everything You Need To Know As A Musician In The Digital Age

If you haven’t already heard of them, the International Academy of Electronic Music aka AIMEC is the largest network of DJ schools in the world, boasting seven venues throughout Brazil.

The Funk Hunters Remix Contest Winner Announcement

As big fans ourselves, we were stoked to give you guys the chance to remix the hip hop legend, Chali 2na and beatboxing superstar, Tom Thum in “Word To Spread”, masterfully produced by The Funk Hunters.

Rising Artists Reach New Heights

Rising Artists Reach New Heights

SKIO was created by artists for artists, so you can imagine how special it is for us to see our community succeeding and creating real connections with each other, not just on the platform, but also in real life.

Talent Spotlight: Mantis DC

UK-based Drum and Bass producer, Mantis DC, spent some time playing in a live D&B band and boasts a hefty background in DJing. Soon to be releasing tracks on 83 Digital

Ruben Young Remix Contest Winner Announcement

Let’s just start here: the quality of the submissions for this competition were insane.

Talent Spotlight: 2Win Beam

We are highlighting the Portuguese duo, 2win Beam today. These two won a remix contest, hosted by SKIO Pro’s Karetus, with a track they created in just three days.

Stylust Beats on Forgetting The Pressure To Crank Out Bangers

Mentor Mondays episode 04 is here! We sat down with the homie Stylust Beats

Learn How Ruben Young Kicked His Career Off in Less Than Two Years

Ruben Young threw himself into his music career with a creative challenge. The young investment banker

Music is Made to Be Shared: Pigeon Hole

Straight from the Sleeveless Records fam, Pigeon Hole is a production duo made up of BC boys, Colin McCue and Lee Napthine. The two have

DJ Vespers on Getting Grounded in Your Own Sound

A few months back we caught up with our friend Vespers, a certified Ableton Live Instructor and the CEO of Warp Academy.