Ruben Young Remix Contest Winner Announcement | SKIO Music

Let’s just start here: the quality of the submissions for this competition were insane.

SoBE LaSH Remix Contest Winner Announcement | SKIO Music

This punk pop princess brought her Texas swagger, making this track’s high quality vocals ideal for remixing. Rising star, SoBE LaSh and her producer, MSKO, killed it on The Loop session. The two gave production tips and feedback to more than 1000 artists who made their way over to watch, improving their chances of winning an official remix on Roologic Records.

Switchfoot Remix Contest Winner Announcement | SKIO Music

When SKIO first partnered with legendary alternative rock band, Switchfoot, to host a remix contest for their song, “Float”, we knew it was going to be one for the books. To sweeten the deal we had SKIO Pro artists Diego Miranda and WAO guest judge the competition. Warm vocals and plenty of unique sounds to play with ensured that even with the challenging ⅞ time signature, this track had very high remix potential.

Painkiller Remix Contest Winners! | SKIO Music

Stylust Beats received over 600 entries, making this his most popular contest on the platform. Not only were there a ton of entries but the contest submissions were so high-quality that Sleeveless Records’ A&R team needed reinforcing to pick the final winners!

Remix Stylust Beats & Win! | SKIO Music

We’ve teamed up with one of the world’s leading bass music producers Stylust Beats and his collaborators DJANK YUCCA to bring you another great remix contest. This time it’s for: “Painkiller” – a slick West Coast bass track filled with pounding subs, clanging percussion samples and dope vocals. Read on to learn more about the contest and prizes!

Remix Nada Funk & Win!| SKIO Music

We’re stoked to announce our next remix contest – this time for a funk-laced house track primed for your remixing ideas. To learn more about the track and prizes read on!

Karetus “Wall of Love” ft. Diogo Piçarra Remix Contest! | SKIO Music

With 100+ submissions this contest produced some of the strongest remixes ever. We really enjoyed listening to all of your entries – the quality standard has gone up another level! To hear the winning remixes read on…

Jay Sean Remix Contest Announcement | SKIO Music

With 170+ submissions this contest was one of our biggest ever – and our judges had to step up their game just to keep up! SKIO Members – you killed it on this one, and the quality of submissions keeps getting better and better! To hear the winning entries read on…

Remix “Show Out” by Pell & Win! | SKIO Music

The “Show Out” remix contest produced 119 submissions from 48 countries, and the entries were some of the highest quality we’ve ever received. Big ups to you, SKIO members, for killing it!

Bordo Remix Contest Announcement | SKIO Music

The “Sunset On My Mind” Remix Contest produced plenty of dope remixes – 77, to be precise, from 56 countries. Judging was tricky for this one due to the large number of high quality entries. We really enjoyed listening to them all! To hear the winning remixes, read on….

Johnny Gr4ves Remix Contest Winners! | SKIO Music

After receiving over 100 amazing remixes for “Say Yes”, the judges had to be on their game with this one. Big ups to our contest winners! We’ll get to them in a second.

Johnny Gr4ves Remix Contest | SKIO Music

We’ve teamed up with Vintage Currency Music and their talented young singer/songwriter from Victoria, BC, Johnny Gr4ves for our next remix contest. This time we’re offering up an EDM-infused R&B hit “Say Yes“ off his debut EP that is slated for release later this year.

I.Y.F.F.E. Remix Contest Winners! | SKIO Music

Talented bass producer and long-time friend of SKIO, I.Y.F.F.E, partnered with us to host a #SKIOremix contest with his record label Uprise Music and offered their bass-heavy medley “Beats On Fire” featuring the talented vocalist Krime Fyter for the competition.

Mr. Black & WAO Remix Contest Winners! | SKIO Music

After Mr. Black and WAO connected on SKIO to collaborate, we were thrilled when they wanted to kick things up a notch and give the track back to our community for a remix contest of their own with “Funk Yourself” in partnership with Israeli record label Push The Volume Records.

IYFFE Remix Contest Announcement | SKIO Music

Attention dj’s and producers, we’ve got a treat for you all so pay attention! We partnered up with a long-time friend of SKIO and super talented Bass music artist from Brazil, I.Y.F.F.E and his record label Uprise Music to host a remix contest for the monster track “Beats On Fire ft. Krime Fyter”. We’ve also teamed up with the mad music scientists at PK Sound to support our contestants with fresh swag and more.

Diego Miranda Remix Contest Winners | SKIO Music

Our favourite time around the SKIO HQ is when we get to announce the winners to our latest remix contest! Receiving a list from artists like Diego Miranda and Mikkel Solnado with the names of some producers in our SKIO community makes us proud every time. But this time… you nearly brought tears to our eyes.

Mr. Black & WAO Remix Contest | SKIO Music

We teamed up with a couple of the earliest SKIO Pro’s, Mr. Black and WAO, and Push The Volume Records to host a remix contest for their latest collab “Funk Yourself”. We’re also extremely happy to announce a new partnership with one of the world’s leading EDM blogs, We Rave You.

Diego Miranda Remix Contest | SKIO Music

SKIO Music has done it again, presenting another massive remix contest, this time we are super excited to have partnered with one of Portugal’s top DJ’s, currently ranked at #58 in the DJ Mag Top 100, Diego Miranda!

Ark Patrol Remix Contest Winner Announcement | SKIO Music

After listening to ‘At All ft. Veronika Redd’ for the first time, we couldn’t wait to kick off this remix contest with Ark Patrol and Heroic Recordings to see what kind of remixes you guys would make. Well, once again you guys killed it! With over 70 remixes submitted from producers in 47 different countries, there was no shortage of creativity and diversity in this bunch. It’s clear there are some seriously talented young producers joining our SKIO family and making our community one of the most promising talent pools out there! So thanks to everyone who participated and submitted remixes to the contest!

Gang Signs Remix Contest Winner Announcement | SKIO Music

With so many quality producers participating, this contest has been by far the toughest yet! In the 5 week period, over 150 remixes of Gang Signs – ‘Mate’ were submitted and once again, you guys did not disappoint!

Ark Patrol Remix Contest | SKIO Music


Stylust Beats Remix Contest – Winner Announcement | SKIO Music

We’re stoked to wrap up another successful remix contest, this time with Stylust Beats for his latest collab with Neon Steve and Lafa Taylor, “Heavy Metal Shit”. A huge shout-out also goes to our partners SubPac, Sleeveless Records and ProducerDJ for supporting the contest and providing our wicked prize pack. The dope track and awesome prizes allowed us to attract over 300 contest entrants across 33 countries!

Gang Signs Remix Contest | SKIO Music

SKIO is stoked to announce that our latest remix contest is in partnership with Gang Signs, File Under: Music and Hoax Artist Management. Gang Signs has just released their new LP, Geist, and we’re excited to host a contest for ‘Mate’, our favourite track off the new album. Geist is the result of a collaboration between three diverse and talented musicians: Peter Ricq (frontman/vocals), Adam Fink (drummer) and Matea Sarenac (keyboard/vocalist). Some of you may know Ricq as one half of the Vancouver based Indie-Electro duo Humans, with Robbie Slade. Ricq has taken the fusion of experimental-electro and indie-pop that Humans were known for and readapted it into a more dream-pop focused sound with Gang Signs. I would describe the tracks off their new Geist LP as hauntingly beautiful with surprising dancefloor appeal.

Juyen Sebulba Remix Contest Winner Announcement! | SKIO Music

When we teamed up with hard house prodigy, Juyen Sebulba and his label family FRNT Music / Mixmash Records and Rival Music Group to host a remix contest, we were super excited for what was to come. The SKIO team is already fans of this talented young Texan producer, and we just knew you guys would dig the fresh and unique hardstyle-electro sound of “Majin Buffalo Scout – ft. Kovalenco Gennadi”. Now that the dust has settled and all the submissions have been heard, we were truly blown away by quality and level of international participation in this contest! Over 300 remixers from 50 different countries entered the contest and demonstrated – yet again – how we are all connected through music.

Stylust Beats Remix Contest – ‘Heavy Metal Shit’ | SKIO Music

Local bass music legend and friend of SKIO, Stylust Beats, has just released his new full length album ‘HEATROCKS’ and it is awesome! With a new track premiering on a different music blog everyday during the ‘12 Days of HEATROCKS’, we’ve partnered with SubPac, Stylust Beats and Sleeveless Records to make this Day 3 release of “Heavy Metal Shit” extra special by hosting a remix contest for you guys! But more on that below…

Inner Circle Remix Contest | SKIO Music

Earlier this month we hosted a remix contest in partnership with the legendary reggae group Inner Circle and their record label Warner Music, for the track ‘Tenement Yard’ ft. Chronixx & Jacob Miller. This track is particularly special to the group since they recorded the original with the late reggae pioneer Jacob Miller in 1976, before a tragic car accident took his life a few years later. For Inner Circle, the contest represented an opportunity to let young producers breathe new life into their classic hit, and to give a whole new generation the chance to work with a piece of reggae music history.