ill.Gates shares tips on how to make more music

ill.Gates shares tips on how to make more music

For episode 05 of Mentor Mondays we wanted to share some tips from one of the greats when it comes to music education! We caught up with ill.Gates on his birthday at Shambhala last year and he shared some amazing advice on how to speed up your workflow and crank out more music.

At SKIO, we have been fans of ill.Gates from the days of our own YouTube tutorial adventures, but we are blessed to have partnered with the bass music heavyweight for a massive remix contest with a $16,000 prize pack! So listen up and maybe even put these tips to use on your remix for “Flying” and you could win some amazing prizes.


  1. Break down your process into steps, and see how fast you can complete each step

  2. Taking longer doesn’t make it better. Sometimes, your best song will come out really quickly.

  3. Force yourself to be simple

  4. Don’t over think what you’re making

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