Ruben Young Remix Contest Winner Announcement

Ruben Young Remix Contest Winner Announcement

Let’s just start here: the quality of the submissions for this competition were insane. This was the first time we have ever offered an original collaboration as a prize, making this a pretty special contest. It was super cool for Ruben and all of us at SKIO to see the community throw down and showcase their skills. Hats off to everyone who submitted.

With almost 3,000 entries spanning 119 countries, Ruben Young and our A&R team had an incredibly tough task. That said, we couldn’t get enough of seeing the SKIO community start to get active with giving and asking each other for feedback. Our man, ReauBeau saw a ton of love for his Ruben Young remix and Luck walked away with dynamite tips to try next time. But let’s not prolong this further, scroll down to find the winners!

“There were so many great remixes submitted. Cutting it down to a top 2 was way tougher than we expected it to be. I wish we could reward 10 of them!”

- Ruben Young

Grand Prize Winners

First Place - Like Magic (Ukraine)

From the moment the marching band style snare hits start this track grabs the listener’s attention ‘like magic’. The drop hits, cranking the intensity to 10 with thick, distorted synths and bass, highlighting the minimalist verse. From mellow verses and breakdowns to dirty, grimy drops - this one has it all. Big ups, Like Magic, on creating a dope remix!

Second Place - Quots (Lithuania)

Don’t let the chill intro fool you - this one packs a punch. The first build up features subtle distorted bass and piano, and the tech house vibe in the drop is masterfully mixed. There’s a ton going on but somehow Quots made it work. The snare cuts through nicely and the kick hits you straight in the chest, leaving plenty of room to highlight Ruben’s incredible vocals. This remix takes the listener on an amazing journey of sound. Congrats to Quots, on a killer remix - the judges loved it!

Honorable Mentions

Nevels x Morqix

Jon Joss



Thanks to everyone who participated! We had a ton of fun with you guys during the live feedback session. Keep coming out, let us know what kind of feedback you want to focus on and most of all keep creating.

For anyone who didn’t have the chance to complete their remix or had a hard time deciding on a direction, remember that you can always make changes and re-submit your track after getting feedback or tips for creative direction. Until then, happy creating, SKIO community!

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