The Funk Hunters: From Remixing to Producing

The Funk Hunters: From Remixing to Producing

The Funk Hunters are known for their ability to pay homage to the roots of dance music in their otherwise high energy EDM sets. The DJ duo has been able to pull off brilliant technical displays of creative collaboration between four turntables, as well as, unique live collaborations with musicians such as iconic rapper, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5. In August, we had the chance to sit down with these up and coming DJs to bring you their thoughts on the progression from remixing to producing and the importance of forming a community around your music.


  1. We learned Ableton by making edits to make our sets sound cooler

  2. The remix is like someone’s already made the palette for you

  3. Anyone can do this if you believe that you can

  4. Take the chances

  5. Think outside of the box

  6. Don’t go in at it alone

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