Remix “Show Out” by Pell & Win!

Remix “Show Out” by Pell & Win!

The “Show Out” remix contest produced 119 submissions from 48 countries, and the entries were some of the highest quality we’ve ever received. Big ups to you, SKIO members, for killing it!

We really enjoyed listening to all of your remixes. There was plenty of variety in terms of genre – everything from Trap to R&B to Future Funk, House and beyond!

Now it’s time to get to the winners. To hear the 1st and 2nd place remixes, read on….

We are excited to announce the winners for the Pell Remix Contest.

First place goes to HypeSize from Cracow, Poland. Gratulacje! As the grand prize winner you’ll get the following:

  • Skype meet & greet with Pell
  • $500 USD cash prize
  • Support from Pell on his social media
  • Autographed swag bag from Pell
  • Call with SKIO Music A&R’s
  • SKIO Music swag

Second place goes to GEA from Torreon, Mexico – Muy Bien! As the second place winner you will get the following:

  • Exclusive premiere on SKIO music blog
  • Featured artist for a week on SKIO
  • Call with SKIO Music A&R’s
  • SKIO Music swag

Here are the winning remixes!

This contest is now closed.

To find more great remixes contests visit, download the stems and start creating your magic!

The following is the initial contest announcement.

We’re super excited to announce our next remix contest – this time for “Show Out” by Pell – a talented rapper and musician from New Orleans who is redefining the boundaries of the genre.

Infused with subtle hints of reggaeton, funk horns, and catchy vocal hooks plus ample amounts of New Orleans charm “Show Out” is just begging to be remixed.

It’s a killer track, so get ready to put those remixing skills to work and have some fun! The grand prize winner will receive the following great prizes:

  • Skype Meet & greet with Pell
  • Support from Pell on his social media
  • Autographed swag bag from Pell
  • Call with SKIO Music A&R’s
  • SKIO Music swag
  • $500 cash

If you submit your work by August 10, 2016 you’ll also get the chance to get feedback on your remix from Pell and grammy-winning audio engineer and producer DJ Swivel during our exclusive Live Feedback Sessions.

What are you waiting for? Download the stems today to enter the contest, and get started right away!

Pell knows the importance of dreams. Hurricane Katrina forced Pell’s family to move to Jackson, Mississippi, when Pell was only fourteen. “All I was able to take with me from New Orleans was the musical culture I grew up in, not my possessions, only memories and life lessons,” he says, “creating a new life from scratch teaches you resilience.”


2015 saw Pell forge his own path by releasing of an album called LIMBO. The album has a unique sound that some have called “experimental soul” – a combination of dark synths and live instruments. Producer Dave Sitek (TV On the Radio) was able to get Pell out of his comfort zone to bring the best out of him.

In the beginning of 2016 Pell kicked off a headlining tour in 28 cities concluding with festival stops at Hangout, Firefly, and Pemberton music festivals.

Pell has had over thirty million combined streams on Spotify for his catalog, and if his present trajectory is any indication he will be ascending to even greater heights in the future.

His music represents the essence of many moments including: the start of Pell’s career, albums about the time between dreaming and doing, and the moments spent waiting for the journey to start. As a writer, rapper, and singer, Pell’s talent is formidable, and his skills are still growing.

Having already landed spots on Complex’s Top 25 Rappers To Know, Pigeons & Planes Top 10 Rappers to Know Before They Blow, and Spotify’s Predicted Music Stars of 2015, Pell is poised to surpass even his wildest dreams in the year to come.

Ready to get going?

Download the stems today to enter the contest, and get started right away!


Dan is a lifelong musician and multi-instrumentalist who is a member of the artist relations and A&R teams at SKIO. He enjoys working with artists and labels to help them find new opportunities on SKIO.