The Mind Behind a Movement

The Mind Behind a Movement

In an industry where distractions and temptations are prevalent, Sa’ra Charismata is an artist who has stayed true to her vision since day one and is dedicated to leaving a meaningful impact on her audience. She creates “modern day protest music in the form of pop music in a way never seen before”. While her music experiments with many genres, her moral compass and the values that she embeds within her music never waivers.

One of our favourite tracks she’s put out, “Sheep (Let Me Go)”, is a powerful piece of work that confronts systemic violence and states that “War is business, we’re funding corporate interests.” She challenges those of us who live in privileged circumstances to contribute to the solutions for peace and equality. These dark themes are conveyed through an upbeat electro-pop style that manages to make the difficult topics accessible without losing the weight of her message. Check out the track below and reach out to her if you’re interested in making a remix.

An Interview With Sa’ra Charismata

We sat down with Sa’ra to learn more about the complex mind behind her musical endeavours. Understanding her influences, values and purpose provides listeners of her music with a new level of appreciation for what she is trying to achieve through her work. Connect with her directly on SKIO if you want to find out more or collaborate.

Q. How would you describe your sound?

A. Hmm… a mix of post-punk, pop and hip hop…The common thread is not necessarily a particular genre of music as much as it is the subject matter or overall experience. The sound is “Protest Pop” and I express it in the way I see fit given the subject matter. I have a natural distortion to my voice, which gives my expression a sense of urgency. Maybe that is a sound in itself—urgency.

Q. If your music had a spirit animal what would it be?

A. My best friend Captain Lewis used to call me “Mousey” back in the day. I guess I have mousey features, or actually, I think I look more like a meerkat. You know like Timon from Lion King? I like it, it’s cute. But if you want to look at it in a spiritual sense, perhaps, then yes, I was very timid and non-assertive and avoided any run-ins–much like a mouse— hoping I wouldn’t be noticed—which gave rise to “Sa’ra Charismata.” Sa’ra Charismata is all that which a mouse isn’t.

Q. How have you built your personal brand?

A. You can’t please everybody. I believe it’s important to niche yourself as much as possible and let the people that are into it find you. The rest will catch on eventually. I’ve stumbled, taken some detours, whether they were necessary or not, who knows. But I have stayed true to my vision since day one. There are many ways to reach your goal, remember that.

I set out to make modern day protest music in the form of pop music in a way never seen before, and while I experiment with different sounds, I still stay true to the vision. Not everyone will have a long-term vision, but you will have a temporary vision at least. Ask yourself, is the music you are creating and what you are communicating in alignment with the vision you have for yourself? Music is a lifestyle. It’s never just about the music. It’s about how success in music will make you feel.

Q. Who are your influences right now?

A. Right now? Myself. I am my greatest teacher, really, just re-teaching myself to listen to my inner guidance system. I also spend most of my time alone, so it makes sense that I would turn inward.

Q. Can you tell us about some of your recent work?

A. “Mushroom” is my most popular song yet, which I believe is because it is the song most in concert with my vision. No one got to hear it or comment on it before I released it independently—that is how much I believed in it. It’s f*** the system, it’s 100% catchy, and it’s 100% me. This song got me my first major label record deal.

Q. What’s coming next for you in your musical career?

A. I am dropping an album and I have some crazy tracks on there like “Phonies,” “Reptilian,” and “Hypocrites”. The songs are wild!

Q. What are the biggest challenges facing creators today?

A. Having to ask for permission. Think about it…

Q. Can you share a piece of advice or tip for our rising tier?

A. Do you. The only time I ever progressed in a direction that felt healthy and positive for me was when I listened to my inner voice, my intuition. Sometimes your intuition will tell you to listen to others and sometimes it won’t. There is no right or wrong way to go about life or music, but listening to your intuition will make you stumble less frequently and it will always lead you back on your path.

Q. Why are tools like SKIO Music’s platform and community important for music professionals such as yourself?

A. Because independency gives rise to great minds. Anything new in its field is revolutionary and we must protect it and nurture it as such. We look to those who have already achieved great success for answers but they get their ideas from us, our freedom, our chains, our hunger, our strife… SKIO is revolutionary, Sa’ra Charismata is revolutionary. You are revolutionary. Period. Anyone that is able to take an idea, nurture it into a vision and take steps toward that vision, even if just one tiny step, is a revolutionary.

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