Top 10 Remix Tips

Top 10 Remix Tips

We’ve scoured the SKIO Music community and gathered our Top 10 remix tips from rising and pro creators alike. Some are obvious, some not so much. Did we miss anything? Check ’em out then enter our latest remix contest with Diego Miranda!

1. A Remix Should be a Remix

Your remix should resemble its original in some way; after all you’ve chosen that beauty for a reason, no? Now you’ve taken the opportunity to improve upon it in some creative way. Sprinkle a bit of your vibes, but let it be recognizable.

2. Now Deviate

In as much as the original should remain at the core, you need to branch out, it doesn’t make sense to create a direct copy. It’s not super-innovative to take a tropical house track and cut another tropical house track but with different drums, is it? Spice it up and hit a different genre to stretch yourself and the music.

3. Keep it Simple and Move Quickly

If you get stoked on a bassline, a high-hat and a few other sounds right off the bat, it’s usually a good pathway to explore. Trust your gut and go exploring, if you hit a dead-end, you can backtrack – at least you haven’t been layering all day long only to find you’re not going anywhere.

4. It Could all Begin with a Simple Word

Try starting with the vocal and rewriting new chords underneath it, this really brings your own style to the project. Or, consider the vocal an instrument in itself and play with pitch, slice it up, see what happens next.

5. Roll it up with a Filter

Yes, keep the original sounds you’ve chosen somewhat recognizable, but for the dozen or so other sounds in that folder, filter them up. You may stumble upon something really slick, at the very least you’ll be inspired to move forward elsewhere.

6. Get Weird

Most dialed producers go through thousands of sample packs to find one good kick or snare. Try to dig through the proverbial crate to avoid sounding like everybody else. It pays off.

7. Don’t Over-Milk the Yak

Everybody has their own workflow and habits, but it typically helps to go on a couple hour-long session, grab a breathe of fresh air, then revisit. Even bounce and listen the next day, you may find very quickly what was missing, or wrong, and what you really latch onto.

8. The Right Place at the Right Time

More of an obvious one, but as a creative beast, you’re going to want to optimize the time you have to create by creating at the best time of day, and in the right physical space. Maybe it doesn’t bring the most out of you when you’re trying to remix an industrial speedcore track at 7 o’clock in the morning on your girlfriend’s mom’s couch with five cats rubbing all up on you. Then again, maybe it does.

9. Don’t Steal Other People’s Shit

Just don’t. It’s super simple to license a track to remix, welcome to SKIO Music.

10. Be Happy

Let’s be honest, you’re the luckiest bastard in the world. You have the freedom to create something new, and you’re damn good. Enjoy the creative journey, explore your boundaries, and feel some good vibes along the way. Rinse. Repeat.

Have we missed anything? Let us know and we’ll include it in Round 2! Or join the conversation on Reddit


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