Gang Signs Remix Contest Winner Announcement

Gang Signs Remix Contest Winner Announcement

With so many quality producers participating, this contest has been by far the toughest yet! In the 5 week period, over 150 remixes of Gang Signs – ‘Mate’ were submitted and once again, you guys did not disappoint!

In fact, all of us at the SKIO Music HQ have been vibing all week to some of the amazing sounds and styles that you guys brought. We hope you guys enjoyed getting your hands dirty with the stems to this dynamic and rich track as much as we enjoyed listening to your creations! And it’s not just us… Gangs Signs, their record label File Under: Music and killer mgmt group Hoax Artist Management were also blown away by the quality and sheer number of our SKIO family that participated in the contest! Gang Signs front man Peter Ricq had this to say:

”This was really hard for us to choose a winner, usually you don’t receive that many high quality remixes in a contest but the amount of great, creative and very well produced remixes we’ve received is pretty astonishing. Thank you SKIO and all the producers who’ve submitted. I hope you all know how much we appreciate and love everyone’s hard work, I wish we could choose more than one winner.”

The band and label had a really hard time choosing the winners for this one, but we’re stoked to award Blank Cinema with the grand prize for his uptempo yet dark and glitchy remix of ‘Mate’. Congrats brother, you’ve won a meet and greet with the Gang Sings crew and an official release on the upcoming Gang Signs Remixes EP on File Under: Music.

Remix Contest Winners

1st – Blank Cinema

2nd – Camden

3rd – Matthew S

Honourable Mention

The band loved going through all the amazing remixes and wanted to make sure an honourable mention goes out to the following artists for their exceptional work.

Gang Signs – Mate (SumPossum remix)

Gang Signs – Mate (Krash remix)

Gang Signs – Mate (JDw remix)

Gang Signs – Mate (Förster remix)

Gang Signs – Mate (Belka remix)

Gang Signs – Mate (IMADEUS remix)

Gang Signs – Mate (0800 remix)

Gang Signs – Mate (Austin Penner remix)

The level of quality you guys showed in this contest makes us super proud and excited to be building a community with such talented producers and artists! Once again, much love to our partners File Under: Music and Hoax Artist Management, big ups to the band Gang Signs and and a massive thanks to all who participated and submitted remixes to the contest! If you’re hungry for another remix contest check out our Ark Patrol contest below.


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