Music Summit 2015: The State of the Industry, Part III

Music Summit 2015: The State of the Industry, Part III

In this three-part series, SKIO Music travels to Dublin, Ireland to get embedded into the intersection of Music and Technology – experiencing the industry’s trends and turbulence. View Part I or Part II of the series.

Are Things Getting Better or Worse?

Music Summit only scratched the surface of the challenges and opportunities engulfing the industry today, but we sensed the overall vibes were on the optimistic side of things. For battle-weary soldiers having earned a living in the music space for decades, there was certainly some scar tissue showing within most of the presenters. And it was clear that these warriors believe their peers who hadn’t succeeded in making the transition into the digital era were not so much celebrated as they were brushed off with a sigh of relief.

“The old way is coming to an end, those who benefited from sitting back and raking in cash by converting consumers from vinyl to CD, those people have run their course and the complacency has been flushed out of the industry”

– Cliff Chenfeild, CEO, Razor and Tie

Artists are smarter today than they have ever been, and labels have less leverage, unless they are willing to adapt. The tools and insights available are at an all time high, providing solutions and confusion all at once in a disconnected landscape. Yet, those who engage the entrepreneurial culture and are willing to move out of analog business workflows and into streamlined services like SKIO Music will benefit greatly.

In the End

We concluded the Irish leg and our founding team went off to the next respective missions. Darcy carried on to a surf trip with some execs on the west coast of Ireland, DJ Swivel flew back to Los Angeles for artist meetings, Omri jet to SF MusicTech in San Francisco to present, and Zohar ripped across the pond to New York to get in front of some of the industry’s heaviest hitters. Inspired with Music Summit’s unique opinions, dialogue and trends, we continue to confirm SKIO’s offering and our place in the industry as we inject our ethos into each and every corner.

“It’s about the artist and the fan, everything else in the middle is just gloop, including me”

-Tim Clark, Manager

As a creator, you have the something to say about how you see the world. Nothing is more important than the freedom to create and get it out there to your tribe, because ultimately, music is intrinsic for the soul.


Darcy is Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at SKIO Music. No stranger to disruptive technology, deep powder, and the golden age of hip hop.