ReauBeau on Building a Successful Career as a DJ/Producer

Q: Describe your sound… what are your influences? What genres and artists inspire you the most? Why?

I listen to a lot of different music but I would say: Noisia, Flume, M83, Hans Zimmer / John Williams, Guns N’ Roses, DJ Premier and Dr. Dre are big inspirations.

Lauv Remix Contest Winner Announcement

The remixes you produced are on another level and it took Lauv a long time to pick his favourites!

Desirée Dawson Remix Contest Winner Announcement

Our talented community created so many great remixes that Desirée Dawson and her producer Konrad OldMoney had a very hard time picking the winners.

SKIO Artist Profiles Make it Easier To Get Noticed

At SKIO Music we are always hustling to improve our platform based on feedback from our talented and diverse community!

Harlow Harvey on Building a Brand in Today’s Music Industry

Q: Tell us the story behind what inspired you to write “Feeling Like Myself”.

I’ve always felt like a walking contradiction in all aspects of my life and music.

Harlow Harvey Remix Contest Winner Announcement

With 202 remixes submitted this contest took it to another level.

Talent Spotlight: Zelski

You may remember Zelski from the chill House number that won him second place in the Bordo Remix Contest. His tropical twist and powerful

TroyBoi on Collaboration and The Importance of Remixing

A few weeks back, trap king TroyBoi stopped by the SKIO HQ to meet with some Rising producers and share some tips from his own experiences.

ill.Gates shares tips on how to make more music

For episode 05 of Mentor Mondays we wanted to share some tips from one of the greats when it comes to music education!

Talent Spotlight: GEA

Talent Spotlight: GEA

GEA started producing at just 13 years old, 12 years later, his love of production continues to encourage him to push his boundaries.