BLENDER (pronounced blènder) is the pseudonym of Federico Benatti, an Italian DJ / producer, 23 years old.
Since childhood, he shared love for music and he has one only dream, let the world feel what he feel through music.
Until 2016, he was part of a duo. In 2017 he decided to take a path of his own, to better express what he feels in music.
During 2017 he was focused in the production of un-official remixes, out via SoundCloud, through which he has made himself known in the bass-trap movement.
In 2018 Federico release his first singles Climb (Your Fears) / Forever and a Day via @IHU Records / KO recording. To the end of 2018 he release an official remix for Neffex / Fight Back (Blender Remix) with whom he's getting excellent feedback and streaming.
2019 will represent the consecration of BLENDER in the Pop / Dance movement, with already several tracks signed with the major record companies in the panorama.


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