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Black King Records

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Black King Records

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About Black King Records

​"My goal for Black King Records is to be the most desired home for artist, producers, and songwriters from around the world,”

Independent record label, Black King Records, was created in 2004 by Super-producer/songwriter/manager/and label CEO, Prince “Nytty" Harris. Based in East Harlem, New York, Black King Records comprises a talented team of songwriters, producers, singers and rappers who have already been making headlines and hitting international airwaves with both up and coming artists and established musicians.

​Black King Records currently deals with artists in a variety of genres like R&B, hip-hop and pop music. Black King Record’s most notable artists include:
Harlems own Majesty, Bklyn’s own Nytty Byggs,
Super-Producers/Engineer Baggs & Lucky Haze.
From 2004-2009 Prince “Nytty” Harris worked for major companies like Def Jam, The Inc, Bad Boy and others 
In 2009 Prince was shot 5x on the streets of Manhattan in a crossfire.
He survived and decided he wasn’t going to let him being paralyzed from the chest down stop him Prince went on and turned his dream to reality and opened independent label Black King Records Inc.

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