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I happened to check on my phone and see where Owl City had posted on Twitter 3 songs for anyone to remix in this contest, so I jumped on it quick! I've always wanted to collaborate with Adam, and so I figured this is as close as I could get for now. My remix may be different, I don't know. I usually don't hear guitars played in remixes, but I decided to give it a try and add a bit of a Rock flavor in places. Guitars are also played by myself. I don't remix often, but I love doing remixes and changing them up a bit with new chord progressions and such. If Adam Young is reading this while listening, I hope you like it. It might not be the best in the contest, but I had a lot of fun making it. I loved working with the stems. Good stuff. :) I started out about the same way. Adam started making music in his parents' basement. I didn't have a basement, so I made music on my parents' computer in their living room... eventually navigating to my own laptop in my own room. I'm also an introvert, and a really shy person as well, so I think I can relate pretty well with Adam. So once I found out he was doing a remix contest, I went for it. :)

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Owl City


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Jeff Rabu 2 years ago

Hey Ben, LOVE this!!! From 6:30, this is pure bliss and goosebumps - holy smokes! The guitar, huge chords, pads, energy - so many interesting elements at play. Huge <3 from here. Btw, I have just submitted a mix in the "James Kaye - Coconut" contest. Will you drop by it have a listen, and maybe even drop a <3 ?


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