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Switchfoot's "Float" as remixed by Bearitone. The 7/8 timing made this one of the more interesting songs I have remixed. I tried to maintain the feel of having one riff carry the song and maintain the general flow of the original track. I obviously had to include a drop with chopped vocals - all the cool kids are doing it. I hope I did the original justice with this remix attempt.

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Vanguard Records


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Nunik 2 years ago

I'd agree with Poser here, the 7/8 timing with what would normally be a 4/4 beat is very unique. I think you did well with it. GJ!

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PoserChild 2 years ago

I like how you kept the 7/8 timing. In mine I just dropped it in favor of 4/4 but you did a great job on this one. The vocal chops are sick, good job! Wobble bass is lit


Switchfoot - Float

by Vanguard Records

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