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This is a track I had a ton of fun making but eventually had to put it down and leave it be because I just couldn't stop obsessing over it. This is why it is so long, and is essentially 2 beats in one. It is a combination of some clever sample chopping and a lot of accompaniment. I also made a little video for my youtube channel where I synced the beat up to Childish Gambino dancing, the mighty boosh, monthy python, SNL and some other random stuff. It was my first attempt at video editing and I just threw it together with some video clips I had, but it's kind of funny watching the choreography from "This is America" in time with this track. Check it out if you want. Thanks for listening! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0pACryt8iI

Posted 12 months ago
Owned by BastardOfTheUniverse



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