I mostly do this for myself as somewhat of a meditative outlet for my extreme hyperactivity. I've been making music in some form for around 15 years and do everything myself. I have worked with artists in the past but mostly find myself making instrumental music and the occasional remix. I'm a hardware guy, but am currently back to the very basics. I'm working with Reason, Ableton Live, Reaper, Nektar 49, Focusrite Interface, and an acoustic guitar. I look forward to getting back to hardware at some point because GUI's are too distracting for me. Ableton is a huge improvement from reason but I'm just not there yet. I only started playing with it a few months ago. I've never really shared music anywhere besides soundcloud and acidplanet (wayyyy back in the day), so SKIO is new to me. Hopefully a few lonely souls will wander my way and enjoy what they hear. Cheers, folks! Keep the jams coming!


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This is my first attempt at video editing and is an amalgamation of video clips synced to the Instrumental named "Dosi Neurosis Dos". You will find that Childish Gambino is an excellent backup dancer.

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