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Olympia, United States

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About Hyperion

Behind the artist known as “Hyperion” is Danyon Cutler.
A passionate driven music producer, sound engineer, and music artist. Hailing from Salt Lake City, currently residing in Olympia, WA, Danyon has been all over the music scene since the late 90’s.
Growing up playing the Bass guitar, and playing in numerous Punk and folk bands, Danyon found the Electronic music community, and immediately fell in love. After dj’ing consistently from 2007-2010 at countless parties, residencies at local clubs, and co-hosting a local EDM music radio show, Danyon decided to engage in producing his own music with a passion full on. Pursuing a degree in Audio design Technology at the Art Institute of Seattle, finding his true place in creating, producing and dj’ing “Bass” heavy genres of music. 
To this day Danyon continues his path< and pushing the boundaries of the ever evolving,  growing, and amazing world of electronic music.

Showcase tracks

Original Bass house music!!