Basorexia Army was born in January 2012 from the hands of two performers, Hugo Grave and Afonso Martins , to continue with his creative desire of making songs, after the end of a rock band that remained on the road for 9 years.
This experience allowed them to acquire a vast stage experience and maturity that is translated into songs that sound really their own creation, inspired by a set of references ranging from rock , to pop, and electronic music, through other themes such as literature and cinema.
On concert, the band presents an electronic pop show run by two masters of this genre enhanced by video projections created specifically for each song.


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Introducing the first single from "Two Sides of a Broken Heart". The footage was collected during our presentation concert on September 25 in our studio in Mataduços (Aveiro - PT).

Performance live at Estaleiro Teatral - Aveiro, PT 14 February 2015

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